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An eye exam is one of the best ways that you can protect your vision as it can detect eye problems at their earliest stage - when they're most treatable. Annual eye exams give Dr. Baker a chance to help you correct or adapt to vision changes. It is important for everyone, regardless of your age or health, to have regular eye examinations even if you think your eyes are healthy and you are seeing well. A comprehensive eye exam will determine not only your prescription for glasses or contacts, but also checks your eyes for common eye diseases. Dr. Baker also assesses how well your eyes work together and he can evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.


Retinal Photography is a great way for us to monitor the health of your eyes each year. A screening photo will allow Dr. Baker to evaluate the optic nerve, macula, blood vessels and tissues in the back of the eye.  

Eye health is more than just seeing clearly. We can diagnose and treat a number of eye ailments in addition to correcting your vision.

-   Eye infection treatment

-   Glaucoma treatment

-   Pre & post operative cataract care

-   Pre & post operative Lasik care

-   Removal of foreign bodies in the eye

-   Complete eye exams

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