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Your eyeglass frames are nothing but a fashion statement without the right lenses. Give your eyes the help they need to see both near and far with high quality lenses. Select from your choice of materials and lens enhancements including thin, lightweight lenses, premium non-glare coatings, Transitions, and polarization (sunglasses).

We offer lenses to fit all of your lifestyle needs!

About 80% of our adult patients ages 21-75 opt for the non-glare or anti-reflective coatings. Patients who use computers and digital devices six or more hours a day can experience eye fatigue caused by glare. Patients who drive at night may notice halos around headlights and streetlamps without a glare-reducing coating. In general non-glare lenses allow more light to your eyes providing crisper, clearer vision even in low-lighting situations and cosmetically make the lenses less noticable, leaving all the attention toward showing off your fabulous new frames!


Enhance Clarity and Reduce Strain

Your eyes are sensitive to the sun's UV and HEV rays. Prolonged exposure to these rays can cause wrinkles, skin cancer, certain types of caracts, and macular degeneration. Sometimes the damage is not correctable. Sunglasses or lenses with UV and HEV filters can prevent permanant damage to your eyes. Transitions lenses are UV sensitive and darken depending on your exposure to UV. These lenses are best for patients who enjoy being both indoors and outdoors with their favorite pair of glasses. Check out the Transitions Demonstrator to see if these lenses are right for you! Polarized sunglass lenses are tinted at all times and filter light reflected off of surfaces and are perfect for patients who drive, spend time around bodies of water or who enjoy wearing sunglasses in general. We now offer Ray-Ban Chromance lenses which are sunglass lenses optimized to allow our patients to reduce glare and see more colors!

Tired of squinting at the sun?

Eye glass lenses

Complete your frames with the right lenses

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Crizal brand non-glare coatings offer state-of-the-art glare reduction and protection from dust, water, and smudges!